A holiday, art supplies and Freud

Bali October 2007

We had a super holiday in Indonesia. 4 days in Bali followed by 2 in Jakarta. Wonderful company, fantastic hotel property and great restaurants. The hotel gardens were well maintained and there were a variety of plants but what made it memorable for me were the gorgeous Frangipani and Bougainvillea plants with their pink and white flowers. It was tropically green everywhere you looked with small pools filled with Koi all over the place. Everyday we were out for lunch or dinner or both. Some shopping thrown in and time in the pool. The water was tepid and heavenly. We even made it to Ubud and the artist village for half a day. A busy holiday.

Bali October 2007 Bali October 2007

No holiday is complete without a visit to the local art supply store and can one ever leave empty handed? It was toss up between these lovely wooden sculptures that I’d picked up, my existing supplies and finding space for new ones. I couldnt go overboard 😀 Copic Markers, Sakura Pigma brush pens, a Koi water brush which dismantles to half the regular size and some charcoal.

art supplies

Inspite of being busy and on holiday, I was feeling guilty. Specially since we were carrying a bag weighing quite a few kilos, full of books and art supplies. And I kept wondering how people find the time to sketch on short holidays 😦 Staying up late one night, I copied one of Freud’s paintings. The girl in the painting is beautiful with translucent skin. This turned out quite messy and ugly. I was sleepy and gave up. Last night I touched it up using the new art supplies. Gave up again and copied a second one. Both are disasters. Both will be attempted again. Making this post with the hopes that it will get me started with drawing or painting everyday.

Attempt at copying Lucien Freud 1 Attempt at copying Lucien Freud 2


4 thoughts on “A holiday, art supplies and Freud

  1. Lucky girl – I wish I could have come along,,,,Congratulations for actually finding time to work on drawing and painting anyway – that pool looks awfully inviting.

  2. Hey, I Googled “ubud art supplies” and this post came up. Are art supplies readily available in Ubud? I am looking for dyes and tjantings for Batik. I realize that you were there for a short holiday so if you don’t know, that is fine. I’m about to browse the rest of your site. It looks quite interesting.

  3. hmmm. probably because of the tags. : ) sorry! These supplies I picked up from a shop in Jakarta. I didn’t look for any in Ubud as I had carried plenty.

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