Casey and about trading portraits


I’ve been wanting to trade portraits for a while. What got me started was a portrait swap that I did over at WetCanvas! and I have this lovely painting to show for it. Then six months later I read about digital swaps at Rama Hughes blog “The Portrait Party“. It gave me a reason to consider approaching fellow group members for a swap. And I asked Jana and later Casey.

They both agreed at different times but coincidentally I received their photo references on the same day 😀 And then while I was looking , admiring and deciding which reference to use and what medium to work with, the first drawing was on my screen! Casey’d emailed her drawing of me. Wow! It was beautiful and she had been so quick. I was expecting at least a week or two to pass by before getting to see the results.

Feeling the pressure, I sat down yesterday with Casey’s photograph and drew with a Derwent “light wash” pencil that I’d been meaning to try out. This is the result after adding strokes with the “dark wash” pencil and then water over parts of the drawing this evening.

Casey has always been very encouraging and supportive and I really appreciate it as I’m sure do many other edm’ers. Thank you Casey!

Update : October 1, 2007 : Rama has put this swap up over at the Portrait Party blog.

Pencil on 10″ X 15″ Canson Barbizon paper


3 thoughts on “Casey and about trading portraits

  1. Hey, great job Ujwala! It’s so difficult to capture a face with a smile – and you’ve done it really well. I was lazy and picked the most serious picture….Thank you so much for having this idea – it’s been a lot of fun. I may try to do something with your other reference, but that beautiful smile intimidates me a bit.

  2. Santadelic – I could never match your evil Santa 😛

    Thank you Casey. I sent you the second reference after I’d put myself in “my shoes”. 😀 I dread having to tackle teeth, hair and spectacles. And I really like that second reference a lot because it has captured a “non camera” expression. I love your take on it. I hope you’ll consider doing a swap again with me after a few months.

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