Peace : Artmakr Weekend

Well, since I’d said I was going to be doing the Ashulia series, I knew I’d be doing everything but that. Just inherent stubborness. Actually, what led me to this was that I found that once more I was blending the paintings too much for my liking. In these paintings I tried to get away from that. Let me know if you think I’ve been successful. The nice part is that there are two more paintings that I’ve started and I like the way they’re turning out.

The first piece was a jump start as there already was a piece of canvas with a pencil sketch of my friend, Sangeeta sleeping. It had been based on a sketch made back when I was visiting her in April. I had taken some photographs as references too. It seemed like a good project to “loosen up” with. I know now that I will not be using apencil again as it smudged and muddied up the colour that I was laying on top of it.
Peace wip PeacePeace

I need to tone down all the details that I’ve put into her shirt and concentrate more on her face. That is where I want the attention focussed. I’m also thinking of toning down the background a bit. Waiting for tomorrow morning as this will give me a much needed break away from it and a view in natural morning light.

I’ve sat down most of the time for both these paintings and I think that’s a mistake. Have to get back to my habit of standing and painting.

This painting fits in well for the topic of the week, Peace, at ArtMakr Weekend.


4 thoughts on “Peace : Artmakr Weekend

  1. Thank you Anita and Trudette. Afternoon naps can be a wonderful thing 😀

    Thank you Bob for the trouble you take. I will always appreciate it.

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