Ashulia lady 1 once more

Ashulia LadyAshulia LadyAshulia lady 1 once moreAshulia LadyAshulia ladyAshulia Lady

September 4, 2007 : Looks like I’ll be doing a series of paintings of the people we came across when we made that road trip to Ashulia a few months ago. There are at least 6 portraits in the works. I’m hoping to add larger ones too, with figures – rickshaw pullers, street vendors etc. Thats the plan right now. I’m calling it the Ashulia series until something better occurs to me and this is number three.

I’ve made her much larger sized ( 30″ X 36″) on thick toned paper using charcoal and acrylics. It’s at a pretty messed up stage right now as i worked on it some more and I plan to do more since I’m considering it as trashed 😀 You can see it at a stage before where its at now, here.

Update: September 6, 2007 : I like her best at the wip 2 stage. The nose and chin still needs work and may be the reason for her looking so different from that stage. Sorting out photos in my image bank to get them printed and have a steady flow of subjects for this set.

Update: September 9, 2007 : Fiddling a bit with the background and still undecided. Moved her eyes up as her nose had become too short. Planning on working on something else tonight.

Update: September 11, 2007 : Well, I went and did the opposite 😀 Worked some more on it night before last. And then spent all of yesterday surfing!! A repeat all of today until stepping out this afternoon. Decided that I was going to experiment tonight and I have. Halfway through it now. Just waiting for it to dry. I guess some more work on this one tomorrow and then I hope I can consider it done.

Update: September 29, 2007 : Signed and posted on Maya

Oil on 10″ X 12″ canvas board

Photo reference copyright of Anil Advani. Used with permission.


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