Momentum : Illustration Friday

illustration friday

Dont know why this was the first image that popped into my mind.

While growing up I lived in a city which was basically flat and I used to bicycle a lot. When I first went to college my parents who were worried about me using a two wheeler sent me to this university town with my bicycle. To put it in perspective, in India, young people mostly get to use family cars or public transportation while in school. Its only a select few who get their own cars. At best you could wrangle a two wheeler which I did in my second year.

Pune roads were all up and down. In the beginning, I used to get off and wheel my bike up the hill towards the end. And you would think I’d be excited about the downhill ride which followed but I wasnt. For me the ride was too long! I felt completely out of control towards the end when the momentum built up and I was hurtling down towards pedestrians, cars and cows! Luckily, I survived those rides without a mishap 😀

Come to think of it, my mind had probably wanted to blank out those downhill rides!


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