Goodness : ArtMakr Weekend


I saw the most brilliant, sharply defined rainbow in all of my life two days ago and I felt blessed. I’m not religious but seeing the rainbow in all its splendour left me feeling in awe and inexplainably happy. I cant even begin to express the feeling with words. Until now seeing such images on posters and greeting cards always brought the word trite to mind. I hope this one doesnt do the same for you. At the risk of making a bigger fool of myself I’m going to wish such a rainbow in all your lives.

There was much more light than has been captured by my camera and the sky didnt look so moody. And most of all the rainbow looked much brighter and had brilliant colours. I couldn’t get all of it with my point and shoot and so I took a little video to share.

Artmakr Weekend is a new site that plans to do online for visual artists what Illustration Friday has done for illustrators. It doesnt matter what stage you’re at you can participate. Have a look at the topic posted and put up something that you’ve made with links to your post containing the piece.


3 thoughts on “Goodness : ArtMakr Weekend

  1. hi ujwala, thanks for the little mention, we appreciate ir alot! looking forward to seeing your artworks often!

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