Paan Khaye…

paan khayo....paan khayo....paan khayo....paan khayo...paan khaye...paan khaye...

Looking at the progress closer to the size of the photo reference ( 4 by 6 ) helps me spot mistakes. I wiped out some of them with a rag cloth. Using oils for this one.

Having used oils for most of these past two years, I’ve forgotten how to blend with acrylics!! I need to pull out those tubes of medium and try them out. The other change that I see from 3 years ago is the time I spend on a painting. Earlier I finished a painting in an afternoon and used acrylics. Now when using oils I cheerfully spend a week or two with them if not more :D. I tried the same with the Watermelon Seller (acrylics) but it isn’t working. And I used to worry a lot about messing up. While I still worry I have more confidence in my ability to recover from some mistakes.

“Paan Khayo..” wip Oil on a 10″ X 12″ Canvas board

Photo reference from Anil Advani used with permission.

Update : August 19, 2007 : 6th wip and I’ve reached the end. I’ll be adjusting a few bits and pieces tomorrow, signing it and calling it done. It’s been super fun painting this. I now want to make a series on the people of Bangladesh!

Update : August 20, 2007 : It’s been signed and posted on Maya.


10 thoughts on “Paan Khaye…

  1. One thing that you can try with acrylics is glazing and us a rag to blend and to get the values you want. You could try this at any stage of the painting.

  2. This is one thing that I haven’t tried as yet. I have wanted to make an under painting and then glaze it. Somehow thought that that was only possible with oil. I shall try it out on that self portrait of mine or the watermelon seller. Both are incomplete and have been made with acrylics. Thanks so much Bob 😀

  3. Forgive me if you already know this, but what is a lot of fun is to water down the acrylic for your layout/drawing in two colors, then once dry glaze over a portion of the painting with a third color and the and repeat the process as many times as you like. It a little like printing. Just for fun.

  4. I dont know most things art related 😛 Wanted to see if i’ve understood correctly. I first use two thinned down colours on the whole canvas and then when it is dry, glaze over only a part of the canvas with a 3rd colour? Then repeat the process with the same colours? Do you have something I could see? Sorry for so many q’s. And thank you very much for your suggestions. They are always very welcome.

  5. No problem, I love questions. For example take the first painting in this in this group (Paan Khayo), I will do a demo over the weekend and post it.

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