Watermelon Seller WIP 3

Watermelon Seller wip

Todays changes – added some elements to the background, worked on the back of the melon slices and on his shirt and face. I’m thinking of making the b/g more subdued the next time i work on it. Any suggestions on whether I should keep the b/g or change it back to what it was?


10 thoughts on “Watermelon Seller WIP 3

  1. Hi Ujwala,

    Imho the bit of the background on the right (green) is ok with me, but the left part sort of distracts my eyes from the hand holding the piece of watermelon.
    As a whole a really great painting, and I love to be able to witness the process, I thank you for that! 🙂

  2. Hi. thank you for the help on my blog. Would you like to exchange links? If you do, just email me. Thanks again. Sincerely

  3. Iona: I agree with you. I’ll be trying out a couple of things to make the b/g recede. Thank you. I really appreciate your suggestion.

    Lara: Hope you got my email.

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  5. thank you 😀 i want to push the b/g a bit by dulling it and fix his face a little bit too and then in my mind it will be “done”. i seem to just love wip’s!!!

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  8. Hi

    I am looking out the watermelon marketing points. This season we got not much yield. We are looking for the buyers in the market please


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