August WIP’s

August WIP's

The wips from July are still that. Since the easel was occupied, I removed the drawing board from the drafting table and installed yet another incomplete canvas. It was of the larger version of the “Watermelon Seller” that I’d begun work on several months ago. Had another go at it 3-4 days back and many more layers are needed. Till date I prefer the “start” I’d made earlier. It was easier to make when the size was smaller. hmmmm.

Acrylics on 24″ X 30″ stretched canvas.

August WIP's

This afternoon I decided that I had to make something and a self portrait seemed like a good idea as I havent had a go since April. Unfortunately the afternoon was taken up supervising the repair of an a/c at home. Then I had other excuses like surfing, dinner and watching a movie with my husband.

Finally sat and posed for myself at about 10pm. There are full length mirrors on the art supply cupboard doors. I pulled up my chair right up to those doors, propped the canvas board on my knees and started with Raw Sienna, moved on to Burnt Sienna and then brought in white and Payne’s Grey. Filled in the b/g with Pthalo Blue and Permanent Yellow. Took a break to take a step back and hope to work on it some more tomorrow.

Acrylics on 12″ X 14″ canvas board.

Self Portrait set on Flickr. Looking back I can see a tendency to look down at the support and just lift my eyes to look into the mirror. I must use the easel the next time and avoid giving myself a double chin for the umpteenth time!


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