Poem : Illustration Friday


With words I cannot describe
but my hands they try to say
By figuring it out
I hope you’ll make my day

You’ll have to excuse my poetry.  I’m better with my hands than with words.  And here I still have a long way to go.  This is what is on my easel currently.


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8 thoughts on “Poem : Illustration Friday

  1. Thank you kristine. needs lots of work and i’m avoiding my studio so it looks like it’ll be there a while yet.

    Willie – i love your poem! thanks for trying to figure it out.

  2. Great words, great work in progress, I love those warm colors you’re working towards and this looks like it is going to be another nice one!
    ….and I have to say to Willie…nice words there too!

  3. Thank you Ronell, Teri and Nancy. I’m thinking of painting a woman into the background on the right, behind the man 😀 I’ve tried it out digitally and it doesnt look half bad. Trying out a few other options before committing to canvas.

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