A holiday and gifts aplenty


A wonderful 2 weeks in Tuscany and getting my hands on all the goodies from my wishlists thanks to my generous sisters and husband! And so though the holiday is over the excitement continues.

I did not get too much sketching done and none of landscapes as I had planned. I was torn between setting out to see sites and sitting down to sketch. I missed my oil paints ‘n acrylics. Most of the “painting” views were on route on the highway (no stop zones) to a town or city and photographs taken from speeding cars. I did manage a few sketches from life of my very fidgety family.

But I saw wonderful sights, have lovely memories, ate fantastic food and now I’m back with images and supplies to get back to my drawing and painting!



3 thoughts on “A holiday and gifts aplenty

  1. where did you get that bargue drawing book from? I’ve been looking everywhere for it,but to no avail.You haven’t got a spare copy(laughs).I’m even thinking about paying people for digital photocopies of the plates in the book i’m that desperate.

  2. I’d been looking to get my hands on this book for a while 😀 This copy was picked up from the Dahesh Museum in NY.

    I just went and checked. they appear to be out of copies and have asked folks who’re interested to write to them at museumshop@daheshmuseum.org to be informed when it is reprinted.

    in the meantime, you might enjoy the site of this talented artist who has been working on the exercises in this book for a while now.

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