Life drawing at Kuhu’s 4

LD at Kuhu's 4

Todays task at Kuhu’s was to add colour to our charcoal drawings and to not spend too much time on any one drawing. We still needed repeated reminders 😀 I was carrying my inks and having been happy with earlier results decided to go ahead and use them for colour. And I was pleased with the results by the time I hit number 3.

Tried to follow Kuhu’s advice for number 4. Our model was by now sitting with bright light from the window falling over on one side. I was to put in details on the shadow side and leave the other side with as few details as possible. A tough task as I’m still at the overworking stage!

Finally, I was to add colour only in the shadowed areas of his shirt. Kuhu helped by adding the shadows for the back ground on the left and added highlights to the beard using an eraser to explain how we could make the white beard stand out more without adding dark lines to it. It was a nice demo.

This one would’ve been my favourite if I had had the time to add some more shadows and correct his shoulders. I love the body that the beard has in it though. It reminds me of another piece that I came across recently, made a couple of years ago where I had managed to depict body on another white beard. Problem is that I had forgotten how I did it and about it until I saw the photograph of the piece on the computer!

Dadu – charcoal, crayon and ink on cream coloured light weight paper.  A step up for me from the newsprint that I was using earlier 😀

LD at Kuhu's 4LD at Kuhu's 4LD at Kuhu's 4LD at Kuhu's 4


5 thoughts on “Life drawing at Kuhu’s 4

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  2. Shirley: Thank you. I’m enjoying the exercises too but wish that I would settle down into a routine and do them regularly.

    Bob Martin: Thank you. Coming from you it means a lot to me.

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