KMP 9/100

KMP 9/100

I have Anil and his wonderful photography to thank for the reference for this one too. I did  capture her from another angle which isnt as exciting.  Saving it up for another start though 😀

We spoke with some of the people who had stopped and allowed us to photograph them.  For me it makes painting them much more interesting.  “On the road to Ashulia” is in acrylics on a 11″ X 14″ canvas roll

I was reading Kevin MacPhersons book again and find that I need to simplify the shapes much more and keep the shadow and light areas separate. There are 91 left to finish and I’m sure to get there 😀   One nice thing is that I’m looking forward to making these.

KMP 9/100

KMP’s are skill building exercises advised by Kevin Macpherson in his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color. I started these in 2007 and am continuing with it in 2010. If you want to know more about this set of exercises click here.


9 thoughts on “KMP 9/100

  1. This is wonderful, you’ve caught her expression beautifully and I love the play of light. Great pieces on your site!

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