It is now Sundays at Susannah’s

Sunday Art Group - May 27

The Monday Art Group now meets on Sundays. That brings it up to 3 art outings a week and I’m pleased as punch 😀

This Sunday an attractive still life was set up with a small brown leather suitcase, a bright red ‘n yellow raw silk scarf and some block printed black fabric. The black fabric was stiff as though starched and the scarf had a smooth fall.

These differences are not visible here :P. Still trying to sort out the base colour of an object, the variations due to the effect of light and it’s tonal relation to the next object. I tried squinting for this one to see the various values and it did make a difference. Still Life is becoming more enjoyable but I havent reached the stage where I lose track of time as yet.

Took a photograph of the set up to convert it to black and white to check where I could’ve gone lighter/darker and where I’ve misjudged. Clearly the base colour of the darks are way darker than I have assumed. Hopefully I’ll bear this in mind when I do my next drawing!

SL photo and b&w

SL photo and b&w


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