Cars : Illustration Friday

illustration friday

Why ride in a car when you can still get a chance to ride one of these majestic creatures ? 😀

Earlier Digital Scratch Board pieces on Maya.

Check out many more interpretations on


10 thoughts on “Cars : Illustration Friday

  1. oooooooooooh who needs a car when you have an elephant!… 🙂 wondering if they are as expensive as cars to maintain….and thinking of the …..cleanup….

  2. i think we’d go bankrupt maintaining an elephant 😀 spotted this one on my way back home a couple of years ago. when we were kids seeing monkeys, bears and snake charmers was fairly run of the mill but elephants and camels were more rare. now it has become extremely rare. this particular elephant must live somewhere around delhi as i’d spot him along this road every couple of months. the time we stopped to take photos his mahout made him come along and collect a tip 😀 and janice i hadnt thought about the clean up angle 😛 i’m definitely sticking with cars.

  3. thank you Lindsay this piece has been made digitally in Art Rage 2. i’ve had printmaking on my mind for a while now and lack of proper supplies led me to experiment. You can see the earlier work here ( Digital Scratch Board on Maya ) I’m hoping to get my hand on a real piece of scratch board soon.

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