Drawing at Kuhu’s

Still Life at Kuhu's

I was telling a friend earlier in the evening that for the longest time I had thought that Still Life was boring and couldnt understand the need to do them. Recently, after struggling with values and tones I have come to understand the need for learning to draw simple shapes and Still Life as 3D objects.

Kuhu is a good teacher and a few instructions helped me “see” the values. I like this one more than one that I had done earlier in the week. We moved on to figure drawing and short poses. I used my Sanguine Conte for the first time and am quite pleased with the result.  I also need to set the newsprint aside for drawing exercises and stop using them for the life drawing sessions.

LD at Kuhu'sLD at Kuhu'sLD at Kuhu's


5 thoughts on “Drawing at Kuhu’s

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  2. Hi Ujwala!

    I’ve dropped by a few times on one or another of your blogs in the past few months so I thought I’d take the time out to write a comment on your commendable progress 🙂 You are getting better and better and your work is just beautiful…
    I’ve always been kind of scared taking up art full-time although I’ve always wanted to do it and you have proved to be quite inspirational on that field 🙂 and I think I’ll join some art classes too…
    Where are these Kuhu’s life drawing classes that you are taking? In Dhaka? I’m in Delhi so I was wondering if you could help me find something here besides the non-collegiate thing @ College of Art…
    What did they teach you @ College of Art by the way?
    Thanks a lot in advance!
    And keep up the good work with your art!

  3. Hi Henna, thanks for the compliments and for dropping by. I hope you continue to do so. 😀 I have sent you an email answering your queries holler if you havent received it as yet and I’ll resend.

  4. I have to agree with Henna. I pop in the other blog, but sometimes don’t always remember those that have multiple sites.
    This drawing is superb. You are definitely getting better and better. I think what you do at Kuhu’s is wonderful. Keep it up, looking forward to more and more, even if I don’t always have time to stop and comment.

  5. Robin – Thank you very much. I know I’ve made it confusing by having 3 blogs all art related. Made a lot of sense to me then – one as portfolio, one for the assignments and one for links 😀 one of these days I’ll merge all 3 into one! I love your drawings and paintings and follow your blog too. I’m a bit shy about leaving comments especially when the work is as good as yours.

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