Drinking tea – WIP



Update: June 3, 2007 : Decided that I needed to convert some WIP’s to finished work. This has been lying on the table for over a week now. Got quite a few pointers from Wetcanvas and worked on sharpening the details and making corrections with Derwent Pastel Pencils. When I reached the stage where I started making things worse I stopped. I can see that there are still some areas that I can add to but for now I’m calling it done!

May 20,2007 : 2 years ago I tried using dry/soft pastels and the results were so disastrous that I stayed away from them since. Lately I’ve seen completed pieces by my friends in the art class and decided that I must give it another go. This still needs a lot of work. There are clear problems with the eyes and the mouth. I decided to take a break and a photo in case I mess it up badly 😀

This is from a photograph that I took of Ramesh while he was in the process of having a sip of tea. I’ll add the reference to the post tomorrow. I plan to post it to wetcanvas for some pointers.


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