Watercolours – a beginning

wip 3

I feel like saying I’m done but it isnt as yet. It’s mostly overdone! I always thought that watercolours were tough to do and now I know!

Here are the earlier stages

wip 1    wip 2

and an outstanding one from the same reference by my teacher. He made it look so simple. I know I have a long way to go.

not by me

I’m looking forward to attempting this again with what I’ve learnt from his demonstration and reading a watercolour lesson on wetcanvas. I’ll be spending the afternoon going through the lesson. Here’s a link to the Step by step Portrait lesson.


4 thoughts on “Watercolours – a beginning

  1. This is a very good portrait! I couldn’t say that the portrait done by your teacher is better; it’s d i f f e r e n t , but not better! Congratulations!

  2. thank you very much Claudia 😀 I was hoping to put up another version before replying but have got caught up with a bit of reading instead.

  3. Great work, Ujwala! The painting by your teacher is absolutely stunning, I can see that he is a master in what he does! And yours, as the student, has its own beauty! It is supposed to be different from his (we want our own style after all!) I especially love your eyes…you have done a great job in giving them life. Keep going and have fun, you are doing lovely work!

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