Brush Pen & Ink


The May 14th issue of TIME has provided me with numerous faces to try out. Quick sketches, first the brush and then filled in with a pen. My earlier attempts can be seen here.


3 thoughts on “Brush Pen & Ink

  1. Impressive – you are amazingly talented. I have also started to draw and paint (more of latter than the former) after a gap of 22 years.
    But I am intrinsically un-talented!
    However, your lines have inspired me –
    Are you based in Bangladesh?

  2. Raza Rumi: great to hear that you’ve taken up drawing ‘n painting once more. i’m part of the camp that believes that everyone has the ability and that it is just waiting to be tapped. i have also finally come to accept that regular practice is required to learn and become better. 😀

    Casey: i’ve started putting up my sketches too 😛 thank you.

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