Hide : Illustration Friday

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13 thoughts on “Hide : Illustration Friday

  1. thank you very much. we grew up in an apartment complex with over 50 children and these were the days before television came into our lives . we soon adapted this to a version of cops and robbers and all 50 would get a chance to play together. it was an incredible childhood. we had a blast and playing together in the evenings was the highlight of the day.

    JC, once the idea was in my head, I wanted it on paper (digital) and up on the IF site hence the markers 😀

  2. Thanks Suana 😛 one of the things that i loved to put on as a kid, i’m sure like most others, over the tiniest of cuts and bruises. and if we’d had one with disney cartoons on them i think i’d have wanted to wear one a day!

    Anastasia, thanks again 😀 It’s digital. I’ve used Art Rage 2 and my wacom tablet. The software is made by Ambient design ( http://www.ambientdesign.com ) and has markers, pencils, oil, chalk and crayon options. It is very very simple to use unlike PhotoShop, Painter etc. and the best part is you can use a pretty good version of it for free 😀 give it a try sometime and share the results if you do.

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