Gazing into the Crystal Ball

Art Resolution 2007

This is a bit late but I’ve finally decided what my art resolutions for the year 2007 will be.

There are many gaps in my learning and the paintings should improve with a better understanding of form, techniques, colour etc.. This years art resolution is to work with 4 books that I feel will help me along that path.

1. Oil Painting – Develop your Natural Abilities – Charles Sovek

2. Exploring Color – Nita Leland

3. Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color – Kevin Macpherson

4. The Natural Way to Draw – A working plan for Art study – Kimon Nicolaides

The exercises will be posted to this blog. Some might even make it on to Maya. I still hope to catch up with the EDM challenges, Illustration Friday, WDE at Wetcanvas! etc.


3 thoughts on “Gazing into the Crystal Ball

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