Project Matisse

Henri Matisse - Self Portrait - 1918

Copy of Matisse’s Self Portrait 1918

Feb 8, 2007: The chosen Master for the months of Jan and Feb ’07 over at WetCanvas! is Henri Matisse. I have been enjoying this project too especially all the lovely colours that I’m getting to use. My first 3 attempts are digital. Oils in Art Rage 2. As in the past, this post will get updated with all further attempts too. I’m hoping to make the next one of one of his still life paintings.

Copy of Madame Matisse, “The Green Line” ( La Raie verte). 1905
mrs matisse - copy a master

Copy of Self-Portrait in a Striped T-Shirt. 1906
matisse self p - copy a master

Copy of Portrait of André Derain. 1905
andre derain  - henri matisse - copy a master

Update : Feb 28, 2007 : Just managed to squeeze in the last one for this MOM. I have tried to copy one more of Matisse’s Self Portraits.  This one is dated 1918 and you can see the original here. This MOM thread too will remain open and we can continue to post but I wanted to meet the commitment I had made to myself to make at least one that was not digital. This one is made with oil pastels on the reverse side of a 8 X 10 mount board. It’s still WIP and I’ll be visiting the Oil Pastels sub forum for some tips and help to finish it.

Henri Matisse - Self Portrait - 1918


6 thoughts on “Project Matisse

  1. Lovely colors, Ujwala. Matisse has always been one of my favorite painters too. I’ll be interested to see how this affects your personal style. I know a painter here in Touraine who paints beautifully colored oils of the Loire. He said that he had to go through a period of copying Gauguin in order to liberate himself from more traditional colors.

  2. not as hot a favourite of mine as Van Gogh, Modigliani, Freud and others. A friend from the last MOM was participating and I jumped in too. I had really enjoyed the Modigliani project. this one seems to be a bit low on participation so far 😦

    You’ve made me think (i seem to do it so rarely :P) and I think I will first finish with my absolute favourites before moving on to the others after this one. thank you Casey 😀

  3. i think that this website is good for my knowlge in art and it has amazing paintings that Matisse has painted himself.

  4. Thank you Jade! I enjoy the “Copy a Master” projects that I participate in over at WetCanvas! immensely.

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