Communication : Illustration Friday

Sometimes the simplest method is the best. My childhood was before the days of the walky talkies and during the summer holidays when we had time on our hands we’d make these telephones with cans and string. And they worked!

commn if

they turned out pretty ugly after I’d finish painting them. need to work on that or maybe leave them as stick figures until i get better.

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7 thoughts on “Communication : Illustration Friday

  1. ehh, just keep plowing on, it’s fine enough

    you may be doing this already, but I find that doing many short (time-wise) drawings of the same subject really helps get to the look you want

  2. The rough style actually fits well with the simple takeon the topic though. I’m really liking the solid colors and the thick, painterly aspect here, however intended it was or wasn’t. It works for me.

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