Crash : Illustration Friday

Ramesh Sleeping

I’m late and so cant post this on the Illustration Friday site. I’d thought of this for the topic and so decided to put it up here anyway.

Crash, the slang for sleeping over and has now expanded to include sleep of any kind, at least here in India. Ramesh catches up on his sleep by crashing whenever he can over the weekend and he is really good at it. His head hits the pillow and he is out like a light but not so sound asleep as to not notice that I’m trying to sketch him. I’ve slowed down on using him as a model as he then has a disturbed nap. Doing any work when he is awake is out of the question. He is too conscious and fidgety. He is my strongest supporter and so I forgive him this quirk 😀

I have put together a set of my attempts at sketching / drawing ‘n painting him sleeping. More of these are in my journals and scraps of paper. I’ll be adding to this set as and when I locate and photograph them.

This particular piece was made in August ’05 and is the 3rd oil painting I’d ever made. It is still amongst my top 3 favourites from amongst all the work that I’ve ever done.

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4 thoughts on “Crash : Illustration Friday

  1. thanks casey 😀 looking at all the sketches I realised that most of them have been made year before last. I think it’s time to start disrupting Ramesh’s naps again 😀

  2. thanks anastasia. we dont have children and i guess that’s how he gets the time 😀 he has only me to negotiate with at least he had to in the beginning.

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