WDE 9/2 – Jurrien – Pen & Ink

WDE 9/2 - Jurrien

I think it must be over a year (at least!) of wanting to participate in these Weekend Drawing Events I’ve finally posted a drawing. WDE’s are hosted every weekend by different individuals at WetCanvas! This weeks host is Connie and she’s put up some fabulous images. The rule is that you get half and hour to choose one of the images that have been put specially for the event and then two hours to work on it. You then post your attempt. If it isnt finished you mark it as WIP and post the completed image later. Lots of people do several drawings / paintings. And I intend to do several too. They are easy on the rules and you can post until the next WDE is announced or even later if you choose. The only request is to stop at the 2 hr mark and keep a record before proceeding further.

My first attempt has not worked out very well. It took about an hour and by then I decided that I’d better stop. 😀 I have shortened the length of his face amongst other things. So no likeness and no pout. Never mind. I hope to do better with the other references and future WDE’s. I’m thrilled to have finally managed to make and post my attempt! Will add the others to this post as soon as they are ready.

WDE 9/2 - mus

Update: Feb 13, 07: I’ve attempted very few animals and Mus reminded me of my dog, Snowy and I felt I had to give it a try. Digital, made using oils in Art Rage.


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