Sprout : Illustration Friday


I have to admit that I wanted to be one of the early entries on Illustration Friday. It was too tempting 😀

Sprout – the first thing that came to mind were bean sprouts but naah how was i going to draw it? Next came thoughts of drawing faces a bit easier from me than imagining what the details on those bean sprouts would look like. Puberty and sprouting hair on your face ( boys of course 😛 ) or growing older and sprouting hair from your ears! And then I remembered Heroes a new serial about people with special powers, the last X-Men movie and a young boy terrified of the wings that he was sprouting.

Here’s my man who initially had hair on his face but he didnt look like a young boy and then i grew him some hair on his ears and that looked he was growing an antenna out of his ear and so finally settled on him sprouting those wings and the hands came up in prayer because i remembered the little boy. Angels must have a tough life, dont you think?

Update: a few hrs later: added some color


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