Long overdue


Work started on this canvas in July last year. Guiltily brought it along with me to Kolkata to complete and send back with my sister. Used acrylics this time around as it was easier to cart around. Gessoed the canvas a wonderful shade of pink (!) to cover up the waterbased oil that I’d started working on. It was a bit strange working with acrylics after so long. Also had a problem working with the limited palette. For the first time last night I used a pencil to sketch in the corrections and today I had a problem getting rid of the marks. I’m sure I’m never going to do that again! The picture needs a bit more work and that has to happen tomorrow as I head back to Dhaka the day after. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been away for almost a month!

uma wip1 uma wip2

Update : Jan 23, 2007: really rushed this as it was close to midnight and i had an early morning flight to catch. It’s going to be hanging in my darling niece’s room soon and that makes me really happy.



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