Draw whatever you want – EDM # 98

Dinesh Pastel - WIP

I was working on an oil portrait of Dinesh’s and decided to try one more with pastels for this EDM challenge. Noticed today that I had uploaded it to Flickr but forgotten to post it here 😦 Luckily there are no deadlines for these challenges.  I think I may have wanted to make some more changes but I’m off for a 3 week holiday starting tomorrow so it is unlikely to happen.

Corrugated cardboard that came along with some Amazon books 😀 as packing material has been used here.  It’s approximately 8″ X 11″.  I thought that the lines between the layers would make interesting patterns.  For the first time I realised that oil pastels can get messy too.  I had bits of black pastel all over the place and not just on the cardboard.


5 thoughts on “Draw whatever you want – EDM # 98

  1. It looks like an oil painting, so lush and loose and yet realistically capturing the likeness at the same time. By the way, that Snap business that WordPress put on all our blogs is really annoying…I turned mine off because it it pops up on top of the picture so it’s really hard to see the picture. Kate pointed it out to me on mine and I’d thought I was the only one seeing it not my visitors. I guess it’s good for links, but when your image is linked to somewhere else it pops up and hides the picture.

  2. Thanks Jana. These are oil pastels. I somehow have not got the hang of the chalky ones.

    Will go and sort out the Snap popouts immediately. I find them very annoying too especially since i dont have a very fast connection and it takes while to load.

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