Colour Constraints

joginder - wip2

I’ve now got used to working with just these 4 colours and no longer automatically reach into the box that holds more. I had done a similar exercise more than two years ago with Titanium White, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber. I remember that even then I found that I was concentrating on capturing the person and not worrying about the colours. It’s a pleasure to feel that way again. I’m trying to work simultaneously on more than one. Here’s wip 1 and wip 2.
Joginder - wip1  joginder - wip2


4 thoughts on “Colour Constraints

  1. Thanks Hashi 😀 They were indulging me as I was running around trying to take snapshots. I managed to get most of my classmates. The plan was to make portraits of all of them! The project has been delayed for a while now but I hope to make some serious inroads this coming year.

  2. Ujwala, this is coming along beautifully. I think limiting colors has worked out really well. You make me want to try oils!

  3. Thank you Casey 😀 I had done a similar exercise with acrylics but we moved cities and somehow when next the painting tools came out I was onto something else. I leave tomorrow for a 3 week holiday and hopefully will continue with same exercise on returning this time. Worrying currently about what painting gear I should carry with me!

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