Peace & Help – Illustration Friday


While thinking of an illustration for mask one of the ideas that stayed stuck in my head was one of deception. And I think we notice that in most  ruling political parties of today. They say something and are busy doing something all together different on a sometimes unsuspecting population. Deception.


I could not come up with an illo for the topic help last week. I saw Teri’s take on the topic help and I loved it. I wanted to do one with humour in it too. That’s what I started out thinking but towards the end of the week I was ready to draw anything but I came up blank! This one is pretty standard but came to me immediately after I finished making peace!

Both were made using Painter and pretty quickly. I’m looking forward to getting back on track for these illo’s as well as the EDM Challenges in the coming year!

Check out many more interpretations on


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