Draw a card – EDM Challenge # 95

card option for bhamans

I had holiday cards on my mind for a while now because of the EDM challenge.  I thought of making one for Diwali, an Indian festival where we do send out cards but that’s just finished .   Recently I tried out a tutorial to make Pop art after Andy Warhol and it struck me that the format could be used for a card.  Gave the idea to my younger sister and she wanted to see what it would look like.  Here is where i’ve left it at.  Not totally satisfied but not savvy or patient enough to be able to manipulate the photos better.

Not part of the tutorial but while trying this I’ve learnt to get text to follow a path.  Yay!  I’m updating the earlier post with the details as several visits through search engines have been due to that post.

It does not qualify to be an EDM Challenge as it isnt hand drawn but I’m using this as a way to jumpstart my way back into the challenges.  Water is what stopped me short and I have to go back and tackle that soon.


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