Turkey – Illustration Friday


Talking Turkey
– Glutton Cat on how the Turkey got its name.
And have a look at what Straight Dope has to say about Is turkey (the bird) named after Turkey (the country) or vice versa?
Turkey photo reference from the web

The bird was made with Art Rage 2 and all other additions were made with Photoshop.

Check out many more interpretations on


14 thoughts on “Turkey – Illustration Friday

  1. Hi its me again I posted this response to your comment on my blog but though you may not return for a while and so i brought it to you here

    Re my article: Procratination.
    That is wonderful to hear that you will now spend more time painting Ujwalla. Computers are great but can take all your time away. I recently saw a program on PC addiction.
    You can actually become addicted to these things. life is about balance. It is also important to get enough sunlight each week to get Vitamin D which fights off depression. The sunlight makes you feel better and more productive.
    Happy painting and look forward to seeing what you do as your turkey is great.

  2. Hi Kayleen, thanks for coming back here. I went to look at your illustrations ( the paintings are fabulous ) and that post on procrastination caught my attention. I might as well admit to myself that I am an Internet addict. I am now looking at moving towards finding a balance. And you’re right about the Vit D too 😀 I need to lose weight and a walk a day will definitely help me get there. Thanks again. You might want to look at http://www.cocomments.com It helps you keep a track of 90% of the comments that you make on the web.

  3. Thank you Michelle, Steve, Studio Lolo and Mike. Steve, I did come across that tidbit. I enjoy the topics that make me go out there and learn some more 😛

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