Clear – Illustration Friday


At eight wearing spectacles seemed like a wonderful idea and I troubled my parents into getting my eyes checked. They decided to send all 3 children to the doctor. The letters on the chart were crystal clear for me and I got shooed out of the clinic after being certified as having 20:20 vision. My sisters were not so lucky and both had to wear glasses for several years until they switched to contact lenses. That evening we all got back home unhappy. I have tried my luck several times in the past unsuccessfully. But now my wish will soon get fulfilled when I’m prescribed reading glasses and the sad part is that I don’t want them anymore!

made with Art Rage 2

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8 thoughts on “Clear – Illustration Friday

  1. Cute illo. That’s so funny that you wanted glasses. I did too when I was a kid, but it turned out I needed them. And I don’t want them anymore either!

  2. thanks Jana 😀 I have two sister who still remember being very annoyed with me for ruining their summer holidays. With all the time that I spend staring at the screen I’m expecting to get them real soon.

  3. thanks Michelle. I look forward to working on these topics as i dont put pressure on myself and am happy with the freedom and whatever the results 😀

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