Smoke : Illustration Friday


Winter is coming. People build and huddle around small bonfires on the pavements as a means of keeping warm through the chill of the night. Something about the night has them talking softly. But the smell of smoke and their murmurs can be heard quite a distance away.

Digital oil made with Art Rage.

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3 thoughts on “Smoke : Illustration Friday

  1. I wonder how that smell is. Not probably the same one to the heart of people remembering the smell from the chimneys of their comfortable homes. I always wondered why USA thinks we are so advanced when there are so many homeless people in the streets, under bridges, on the homes of strangers that pass as surrogate families. I wonder.

  2. heliocentric – i’m sorry to have made you so serious. 😦
    Thank you Tj. Among list of things to work noted in my head (not a very safe place as i’ve a sieve like memory) perspective looms large. And everytime i attempt to study it i get confused and stop. net net i have crooked pavements and walls in my drawings and try and stay away from tables and other such objects involving straight lines. My new theory is that practice will help me overcome this hurdle more than reading 😛

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