Smitten – Illustration Friday


Update: Oct 17, 2006: Instead of changing the background I’ve cropped the earlier image.


Decided the faster I finished with it the sooner I’d stop singing Lovebug in my head. I dont know what it is with the ilo topics but almost always I associate the word with a song or a rhyme! When I saw the topic smitten, the word Lovebug popped into my mind followed quickly by the song, herbie and the lovebugs.

Tina Charles songs were all the rage for about 6 months when we were growing up. I still have a few favorites in my music library 😛 The movie and a couple of sequels were watched and enjoyed thoroughly but the bugs I saw only while surfing last night. I always assumed the bugs to be imaginary.

Made in a hurry with ArtRage II. I think I can go to bed in peace now 😀 but I’m probably going to be back to change the background.

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6 thoughts on “Smitten – Illustration Friday

  1. thank you heliocentric. i’m still not too comfortable with layers. I would’ve loved to move the elements around within that area and maybe make a tighter crop. I do like the pieces individually though 😀

  2. Oh, If you had drawn the car in a different layer you could have moved it or just eliminate the face…. I often forget that I CAN USE Layers and draw everything on one. I lik ethe ARt RAGE older version better than the new one . What about you????

    Will come back to see if you change it

  3. I did download the earlier version but at that point in time I wasn’t interested in painting 😛 I remember it hanging and so I gave up on it very quickly. I’ve started basically with ver 2.0 and it still very new to me. How was the earlier version better?

    I’ve made a bit of a mess with the layers with some bit of each item on different layers because I kept forgetting about them and hence forgetting which layer I was working on. I was also sleepy 😀 Will be more careful next time.

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