Quiet – Illustration Friday

illo quiet oct 1

Meditation requires a peaceful and quiet place. I’m not sure whether the seaside could be considered that. Even without the crowds the noise of the waves would be quite loud. But, in my mind, I see this as quiet place and one that I would enjoy to meditate in. The noise of the waves would hush my loud and many thoughts, sort of a negating effect, creating a quiet place and allowing me to concentrate on emptying my head of all thoughts 😀

This illustration is based very loosely on an ad that I saw a few months ago. I just loved the idea of practicing yoga on the beach before the crowds hit them.

I’ve used Art Rage and tried using Layers. I don’t know how to manipulate them as yet. And the girl looks to be levitating – she’s not meant too 😛 She’s also keeling over to one side – that wasnt meant to happen either.

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4 thoughts on “Quiet – Illustration Friday

  1. I love the idea of meditating on the beach too. I also love the look of this image. I hadn’t heard of Art Rage but you have inspired me to go and download the free trial. Am off now to check out the rest of your blog…

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