Phobia – Illustration Friday

Fear of darkness – Achluophobia – or so I discovered while writing this post.
Illustration Friday

While growing up one of my biggest fears was being stuck in a pitch black room all alone. I would immediately begin to see odd shapes and get terrified. I can’t pretend that the fear has gone away as it hasn’t 😀 The intensity has reduced considerably. Instead of being terrified I’m a bit uncomfortable till my eyes adjust to the darkness and I can see the room around me.

When I was growing up and power cuts first made their presence felt, we did not have generators or inverters and when the lights went at night it would be pitch dark. For a while I had a room of my own but most nights would find me creeping into my siblings room to share their bed with them 😀 Thank God for siblings!! 😀

In my sketch book. Pen and Ink. Then transfered to Photoshop and an attempt made to remove the background and clean up the first blurb. Need such projects else I’ll never practice and never learn!

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