Ears Challenge – EDM #79

Ears EDM Challenge

It’s been too long since I did a challenge and many have gone by that I was simply dying to do. one that comes to mind is the recipe one and i still intend to do that one and all the others 😀

all these are of my left ear. i wasnt able to keep my head still 😀 long enough to finish the drawing. the angle was changing just marginally as i’d try to lean forward to have a proper look. for the last one i decided to wait, look, wait some more and then started to draw. the one thing that i’d messed up for all the earlier ones was the angle at which it is attached to the side of my face. even in this last one while getting in the black of the hair at the base of the ear i’ve taken it a few mm in and it looks as though the ear is sticking out. shall fix that in my sketch book. and i’m not even going to discuss the shading.

but surprise surprise – i enjoyed making them and still like them inspite of all the faults. they are of my ear after all!

I have three new additions to my pen collection – A Lamy Safari Fine – gift from my dad, and a LAMY Joy Calligraphy 1.5 and a Rotring Art Pen 1.1 from my brother-in-law. Tried them all out on this one. including a different colored ink. I’ve always been like a kid with a new toy as far as stationery is concerned but now it applies to all art supplies 😀

Update: I decided to draw my husbands ear for further practice.

I like the one on the right and he the left!


7 thoughts on “Ears Challenge – EDM #79

  1. The Rotring 1.1 was my favourite because of the varied marks i could get. I currently use the Lamy F as it fits more easily into my pencil pouch. thanks for reminding me about the the rotring.

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