Sticky for Rain and Dance – Illustration Friday

Sticky reminder for Rain & Dance

I’ve been on holiday from June 22nd and havent got my act together in terms of doing, taking photographs and posting. I made this 3 in one on the 2nd but couldnt transfer it to the computer.

When I saw the topic for the 2nd week and having missed the first one, I thought I would do a combined one for Rain Dance. It’s an event where the local clubs organize a party and one of the main features are the water sprinklers which are hung up over the dance floor and then turned on with the revellers hoping to bring in the rain for the season with their dancing! It’s usually really hot by this time and people enjoy the man made shower. And then I saw that the idea was already taken. And so mine was to do a 3 in one. But that didnt work out and so I’ve just put all 3 on one piece of paper 😛
The first is rain falling against my bedroom window in my sisters house. I’m enjoying the rain as I’m mostly indoors when it comes pouring down and every shower cools the city down.

The second is my hand making a mudra, a hand gesture. These are used in yoga and in Indian dance forms. In the dance forms they explain the idea behind the piece or tell a story. The mudra that I’ve made is called Sadumsho and you can see a list of photographs of the dance mudras here.

The sticky was to remind me to draw and post before I missed the 3rd deadline.

As it is

I think I’m going to be last on the list!


2 thoughts on “Sticky for Rain and Dance – Illustration Friday

  1. Ujwala, Your drawings are wonderful. There is such a difference between your first self portait and your last. You have such talant. Enjoy your classes. Jean

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