Self Portrait Marathon 4 and many more…

These 2 are from earlier. They were made in early Feb this year while on holiday looking for tigers in Ranthambore. They’re a bit scary and ugly.

This one was made last night. Dont know why i’m looking so sorry for myself. That certainly wasnt the way I was feeling.

I’ve put together all the self portraits that I have made in a little over a year in a set on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Marathon 4 and many more…

  1. You’ve captured the way the cheeks hang off the bones. I like that I can see signs of both skeletal structure and muscle/skin.

    Why such a dour look though? Maybe that’s just how your face hangs when you are not putting on an intentional expression?

  2. itchybiscuit – thank you, i dont know how I missed out on replying to you – sorry! re the dour look, I think you’re right all three seem to be fairly similar in expression 😛 so it must be the look on my face when i’m concentrating. makes me laugh just thinking about it 😀

  3. My own little theory–something in our brains recognizes the presence of other people’s watchful eyes (noticing the saccades perhaps) and tautens our facial muscles in response.

    When you look into a mirror long enough, you just see your own face, not the face you normally “pull.”

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