Portrait – Illustration Friday

I went for my art group meet this morning determined to come up with a portrait to post.  Thought I'd attempt one from life but didnt get an opportunity.  While looking around I spotted Iranian President Ahmadinejad on a magazine cover and decided this was it.


I've told myself time and again not to change things around without the reference especially since my anatomical observations are still not up to the mark but I couldnt resist. Got back home and fiddled around quite a bit with the hand. I think it looks a bit better now. One thing is for sure I need to put in some work on hands and foreshortening.


3 thoughts on “Portrait – Illustration Friday

  1. I think your foreshortened hand is great. Wonderful detail in your sketches. Values are great. I am just learning values.

  2. thanks marilyn. i’m at the same stage – trying to get values. is there any material that you are following? i would love to go about it in a more methodical manner.

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