Patience is a virtue – Illustration Friday



But it isnt one of mine. I baked my first cake when I was 35 for my husband’s birthday. My friends convinced me that I could not go wrong with a Betty Crocker mix (or was it Sara Lee product?) I decided to make it for the Birthday Party. To cut a long story short. While it was baking I couldnt resist and took quite a few peeks. Net result the centre’d caved in while baking. My friends rushed over, cut it in two slices and put one on top of the other and covered the evidence with icing. No one would’ve realised as the cover up job had been good but I confessed 😛 My husband liked it and so did the rest. After all it was a Betty Crocker (or was it Sara Lee??) I havent baked another – it was like a been there done that kind of thing for me.


I wanted mine to look like a clean illustration and so i first sketched the drawings on paper and kept reworking it till I was satisfied. I found it a bit difficult to imagine how the arm/leg/foot would bend and the angle. i traced them on paper and colored them in. One thing I’ve messed up (the one that i’ve noticed :P) is the angle of the oven door. Also I should’ve used better paper as this wasnt absorbing any water. And one more thing – the mitt has been made in the shape of a heart 😀


3 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue – Illustration Friday

  1. would you believe it – now 6 years later, I want to try again?! thanks hardwax 😀

    and arvindh thanks to you too, I thought that i wrote too much already and would bore everyone to bits if i continued 😛

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