Amma 2 – EDM #67

Amma 2

We had house guests and my mother wasnt sitting still for even moment.  And when there were opportunities like when she was sitting down to eat so was I!  One day I finished eating earlier AND I remembered that I had to make a sketch.  I was sneaky as my mother can get very self-conscious.  She was at the head of the table peeling and dicing mangoes for our dessert. I sat across her and did this sketch everytime she got back to the task. The rest of the time she was talking to my sister's in-laws who were visiting.  I got a little bit more than 15 minutes and couldnt ask her to sit longer as she was busy.

I showed it to her at the end and she sadly told me that I'd made her look very old and did she really have jowls?  I guess those are because she had her head bent while peeling.  I think having seen my earlier drawing of hers she was better prepared 😀 I liked her comments now and earlier, because they were honest and heartfelt.  I love my mother very much and she has spent her life devoted to her 3 children.  She is very proud of us and like most mothers thinks that her 3 are the best in the world.  It is unconditional and something that we take for granted.

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2 thoughts on “Amma 2 – EDM #67

  1. thanks Ger 😀 I would’ve needed to spend at least another half an hour to have got more details and make corrections. I usually get to meet my parents once a year so this was an opportunity I did not want to lose. On my last visit I convinced my dad to sit still and made a sketch of him. This time I wanted to do one of my mother. I plan to update it with a current picture of my moms as she doesnt really look that old and nor does she have these jowls.

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